Troubleshooting PayPal Invoice Payments

I don't have a PayPal account but I want to let customers pay invoices via PayPal. What do I do?

Before you can receive invoice payments via PayPal in WorkingPoint, you'll need to set up a PayPal account.

I have selected a currency other than US Dollar in my WorkingPoint account. Will PayPal still process my payment?

WorkingPoint passes along the currency selected in WorkingPoint to PayPal as the amount due. For example, if you have selected Euros as your currency in WorkingPoint, your customer will be asked to pay in Euros in PayPal. But be sure your PayPal account is setup to hold payments of the same currency so your payments don't get held up as pending. See Payment Receiving Preferences under Profile > Selling Preferences in your PayPal account.

My customer says they paid me but I am not seeing the invoice as paid WorkingPoint. How come?

WorkingPoint only collects payments that have been successfully processed in PayPal.

If your customer has submitted a payment to you after clicking the PayPal link in the email you sent or from the button on the invoice PDF but the transaction was not recorded on your invoice as paid, the payment may be in a "Pending Status" in PayPal. If the payment is pending, WorkingPoint will display a message on your invoice in the Payments Received section alerting you that the payment is pending.

To complete the payment process, log in to your PayPal account and view the details of the payment and resolve any payment issues in PayPal. If you approve the payment in PayPal, WorkingPoint will bring the transaction over into your WorkingPoint account. If you decline or cancel the payment, WorkingPoint will not bring the transaction into your WorkingPoint account.

To prevent pending issues in the future, check your PayPal Payment Receiving Preferences to see if you are blocking certain types of payments.

Another reason you may not be seeing invoices as paid in WorkingPoint, even though your customer clicked the PayPal link on your invoice and made the payment AND you see it in your PayPal account, is that your IPN is disabled in PayPal. IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification and it must be enabled and configured for WorkingPoint to be alerted when a payment is made via the PayPal link. To check that your IPN is enabled in PayPal, complete the following steps:

1) Please log into PayPal and go to this page: and you'll see a page that looks like this:
2) For the Notification URL, enter your WorkingPoint account URL, ie.,

3) Choose "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)"

4) Click Save

Now when customers pay, the payment should be recorded in WorkingPoint for you automatically. 

I deleted the payment in WorkingPoint but my customer has not received a refund. Why is that?

WorkingPoint only brings in the invoice payment information from PayPal when a payment has been made by a customer. If you  edit or delete a payment in WorkingPoint, you'll need to edit or delete the payment in your PayPal account including processing any refunds.

I am sending my invoice to my customer but the PayPal button and email link did not appear on the invoice or email. How come?

The PayPal button and email link on your invoice/email only appear when there is balance due on the invoice. If you are have created a $0.00 invoice or your customer has already paid the invoice in full, a link to pay the invoice will be removed from the invoice and email to prevent duplicate payments.

I have collected a lot of PayPal payments but my checking account balance is still low. Why isn't my checking account balance increasing?

WorkingPoints records all of the invoice payments received through PayPal in your PayPal bank account in WorkingPoint. The WorkingPoint PayPal account is increased by the full payment received from your customer and is reduced by the transaction fee that PayPal charges you.

But this is just a record of the transaction to keep your WorkingPoint accounts and invoice status up to date. You still need to  record money transfers in WorkingPoint to reflect the transfers you made from your PayPal account.

My customer is trying to pay my invoice but they get a message that the invoice is already paid. What is going on?

If there is a balance on your invoice in WorkingPoint, but your customer is unable to pay it because they are getting an already paid message, this could be an issue with your PayPal account setting. PayPal does have settings that can block payments. So, we recommend checking these settings to be sure that PayPal is not blocking the payments.

To check these settings, please log into your PayPal account and navigate to the Block Payments settings. Here's how:

  1. Log in and click My Account tab
  2. Click Profile on submenu
  3. Click My Selling Tools on left-hand sidebar
  4. Click Update next to Block Payments option
    Here you can check all of your settings. In particular, look to see if you block payments with the same Invoice ID under accidental payments option.

*Access to this feature may depend on your account plan. Log into your WorkingPoint account and click "Account" (in the upper right hand corner), then "Change account plan" to view your plan details.