Importing Shoeboxed Receipts

Our partner, Shoeboxed, helps you transform your expenses from paper receipts to digital data. When connected to your WorkingPoint account, you can save tons of data entry time by importing your expenses directly from Shoeboxed into WorkingPoint, where you manage your business.

To import your digital receipt data from Shoeboxed:

  1. From the Manage Apps page, click Import Expenses 
  2. In step 1, choose Shoeboxed as your import source.
  3. In step 2, click Import Expenses
    All of the expenses that are available for import will be displayed. If this is your first import, we'll bring over transactions from as far back as we can. Going forward, each time you import we'll show you all of the new transactions dating back to your last import, along with previous transactions you chose to "Do not import". 
  4. Review your expenses and make any corrections necessary. For each expense, WorkingPoint will import the following information that you can review and edit prior to import:Receipt Image - An image of the receipt is displayed as a visual check to ensure you have the correct expenses. Click on image to view larger image.
    Amount and Date - The date and amount of the expense is the date of the receipt and the amount of the purchase as reported by Shoeboxed.
    Paid to (Name)  - This is the name of the company or individual on the receipt from whom you made the purchase.
    Paid from - This is bank or credit card account that you used to pay the expense. WorkingPoint matches your payment account with the one in Shoeboxed.
    Record in Bookkeeping Account - Shoeboxed "categories" are imported as "bookkeeping accounts" in WorkingPoint. Our system will automatically find the best match for your Shoeboxed category, but if we can not locate a match, we will automatically create a new bookkeeping account to match your Shoeboxed category. New bookkeeping accounts are prepend with a "NEW" label. Please double check your data for accuracy.
    Do not Import option - For every expense, you can determine if you would like to import it. If you aren't ready to import it or you simply do not want to import it, click the Do Not Import link in the upper right hand corner. The expense will grey-out and will not be included in the current import. However, it will be available in the future imports until you delete it from Shoeboxed account.
  5. Click Import Expenses.
    Your expenses are now in WorkingPoint and can be viewed on the General Journal report and in the Account List account activity.