Company Profile messaging

About Company Profile messages

With a WorkingPoint Company Profile, you can communicate with users in your company, with other WorkingPoint companies, or The World from within your WorkingPoint account. By setting up even a private profile (that is-not shared with The World), you can access the company directory and send messages to other companies and receive their replies in WorkingPoint whether you are a featured user or not. If you are featured on your company's profile, visitors to your Company Profile can send you messages directly.

From the Your Messages List you can view, reply, and discard your messages as needed. WorkingPoint will send a notification to the email address you specify in Settings and you'll also be notified of new messages on your WorkingPoint Home Page.


Viewing Company Profile messages

You must create a WorkingPoint Company Profile in order to receive profile messages.

To view your messages:

  1. Click the Profile tab.

  1. In the Your Messages section, you will see your Inbox, Sent and Trash tabs.

  1. From your Inbox, you can:

    1. Click a subject link to view a message.

    2. Once viewed, you can click Trash to send the email to your Trash tab or Click Reply and send a message back.

WorkingPoint will keep track of the messages in the Conversation Thread - just click a link to view any part of the conversation.

  1. From the Sent tab, you can:

    1. Click a subject link to view the message.

    2. Click the trashcan icon to send the message to the Trash tab.

  2. From the Trash tab, you can:

    1. Click a subject link to view the message.

    2. Click Restore to move the message back to your inbox.


NoteIf you have permission to receive messages, the welcome widget on the home page will display the number of new messages you have and a link to view your messages.

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Replying to a Message

You can reply to messages you have received through your Company Profile within WorkingPoint. When replying to a message received from the public, the email address from your user profile will be displayed as the sent by address.

To reply to a message:

  1. From Your Messages List, click on the subject of a message.

  2. From the message view, click Reply.

  3. Fill in the Message section.

  4. Click Send Message.

Your message will be added to the conversation thread and displayed in your Sent list.

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Deleting a message

To keep your inbox tidy, you can move messages to the Trash.

To move a message to the Trash:

  • From your Inbox or Sent list, click on the trashcan icon.

  • From the message view, click Trash.

To restore a message from the Trash to the Inbox or Sent tab:

  • From the Trash tab, click Restore.

  • From the Trash tab message view, click Restore.


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