Setting up preferences

You can set global preferences to customize the way WorkingPoint works for your business, including setting the month your fiscal year begins and selecting your currency symbol.

To set up preferences:

  1. Click the Settings link at the top of the page.

  1. On the Settings page, scroll down until you see the Preferences section.

  2. For Fiscal Year, choose the month when your fiscal year begins.

Most companies use the calendar year (January to December) for their fiscal year. In this case, the starting month is January.

  1. For Currency Symbol, choose the symbol for your country's currency, if available.

By selecting a symbol other than United States of America Dollars USD ($), WorkingPoint will update all of the currency symbols throughout the application from "$" to the symbol you selected. This means, you can't use one symbol for one type of transaction and another symbol for another type: they will all display with the same currency symbol.

In addition, WorkingPoint does not handle currency exchanges or conversions. For example, if you switch from United States of America Dollars USD to European Euro EUR, the value for all transactions will be the same as they were before, only the symbol will change. And formatting for the currency values, such as commas and decimals, will remain in US Dollar format.