Setting up default accounts

WorkingPoint requires that certain types of funds be tracked, such as sales tax, discounts on sales, shipping charges, and shipping insurance. For each of these funds, you need to choose the default account WorkingPoint will use to track the funds.  

For example, when you enter shipping charges on an invoice in the “Enter Charges Shipping $” field, WorkingPoint records the shipping revenue in the account you select to track shipping charges. You can use the predefined Revenue:Shipping account or any other account.  Choosing default accounts in Settings helps to keep your books in balance.

NoteIf you have never set up a new accounting system, ask your financial advisor, like your bookkeeper or accountant, to help you if you need it. To give them access to your WorkingPoint account, set them up as administrative users and send them their login information.

To set up default accounts:

  1. Click the Settings link at the top of the page.

  1. On the Settings page, scroll down until you see the Default Accounts section.

  2. For each type of fund, choose the account to track the funds. You must choose an account for each type.

You can choose one of the predefined accounts or any other account.  

  1. Click Save Changes.