Making an account inactive

If you are on a supporting account plan, you can change the status of an account: whether an account is active or inactive. This is useful if you want to hide an account from view in the Accounts List or if you have accounts that you no longer use, but you don't want to delete. (Note that you can’t delete an account if there are any associated transactions, but you can make it inactive to hide it from view in the Accounts List.) Inactive account activity will still be included in reports for periods with any existing transactions.

To make an account inactive or active, do one of the following:

  • Open the Accounts List. Move the pointer to the left of the account name in the list and click Edit.

  • Open the Activity List for the account you want to edit and click Edit next to the account name.

Note: If the account is a protected account, you can't make the account inactive.  

  1. Click the Active checkbox. If the checkbox is empty, the account is now inactive. If the checkbox has a checkmark in it, the account is active.

  2. Click Save Changes.

Note: Making a parent account inactive also makes all of its subaccounts inactive.

*Access to this feature may depend on your account plan. Log into your WorkingPoint account and click "Account" (in the upper right hand corner), then "Change account plan" to view your plan details.