Top Customers

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About the Top Customers report

Your customers are the heart of your business. Keeping them stocked with your products and using your services is critical to staying in business. The Top Customers report keeps you tapped into who is purchasing the most from you and who is purchasing the least. With this important information, you can regularly reach out to customers who might not be aware of your full product line or menu of services so you can get them more engaged with your company and generate more sales. You can also be sure to take care of the folks who purchase the most from you; including making small gestures, like adding them to your holiday card or gift list, or bigger gestures, like offering them preferred pricing.

The Top Customers report shows all of your customers ordered by total sales with the customers who purchase the most from you at the top. You can see their sales broken down by date range, e.g., Last 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90, etc. You can also see their phone number (if available) and click a link back to their contact record for quick access to their sales history.

Use the Top Customers report to:

  • See who purchases the most goods/services from you
  • Identify customers who haven't bought from you for a while so you can reach out and stir up more business
  • See when your customers last purchased your goods/services


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Viewing the Top Customers report

To view the Top Customers report:

  1. Click the Reports tab.

  2. Under Sales Reports, click Top Customers Report.

The report will display automatically.

When you see the report on the screen, you can:

  • Click a contact name to view the contact record for the company or individual so you can see their full account history, including a list of your customer's past invoices.

  • Click the print icon to print the report.

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Reading the Top Customers report

The Top Customers report lists all of your customers according to their total sales (from highest to lowest) and displays their sales broken down by invoice date. This report helps you identify the customers who have purchased the most from you and the least.

Sales are grouped according to the following date ranges:

Last 1-30

Sales that were invoiced in the last 1 to 30 days appear in this column.


Sales in this column were invoiced in the last 31-60 days.


Sales in this column were invoiced in the last 61-90 days.


Sales in this column were invoiced in the last 91-120 days.


Sales in this column were invoiced over 120 days ago.

Tips for using the report:

  • The sales total in any column for a customer could represent one or more invoices. To see detailed sales history, click the name of the customer to go to their contact record and view the Invoices list.

  • WorkingPoint has added the customer's phone number (if available in the contact record) next to the their name in the Customer column. This handy bit of information on the report makes it easy to phone up your customer and stir up a sale.

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