Finding companies on WorkingPoint

Companies that have created a Company Profile and have chosen to share their profile with other WorkingPoint companies or The World are listed in our company directory.

If you decide to share your profile, like them, when you set up your profile you will chose the categories that best describe your company and your company will appear in search and browse results for those categories.

To find other companies profiles, choose one of these options:

  1. Use the Search field in the right hand panel of your profile or the Profile tab to search for companies by location or keyword.  

WorkingPoint will pull up any profiles that match your keywords.

  1. Browse company listings by category by clicking Browse by Category under "Find a Company" on the Profile tab, after clicking View Profile on the Profile tab, and on your public profile page.

Categories are arranged by Industry. When you click a category link, you will see the businesses who have selected that category to represent their business. Click View All to see all the categories within an industry.

Within each category, you can sort the listings by name or city. Click on the company name to view the complete profile.

  1. Use the public company directory at This directory includes only companies who have chosen to share their profile with The World. From here you can search and browse by category.