Exporting the Accounts List

When you export your Accounts List, WorkingPoint creates a CSV file of the accounts in the current list view. You can change the current view by filtering and sorting the list. For example, if you have the View filter set to Active Accounts and the sort set to Account Name ascending, WorkingPoint will export only your active accounts in ascending order by name.

The following account information is included in an export: Account Name, Account Type, Description, Balance, Active Status and Schedule C Tax Line Assignment.

To export the Accounts List:

  1. Click the Accounts tab to open the Accounts List.

  2. Choose the view (Active Accounts, All Accounts).

  1. (Optional) Choose the sort order.

  1. Click the csv link at the top of the list (next to the printer icon).

The exported file will have the name "accounts.csv" in case you need to search for it.