Item Sales Report

Premium Feature: This is a premium feature and may not be available on all plans. To access this feature, please upgrade to a supporting plan.


About the Item Sales report

Monitoring the sales of your items in an important part of running your business. Items (your products and services) are the backbone of your business. Without them, what would you be selling or doing?

The Item Sales report will help you monitor the sales of your items so you can be sure to make good decisions on managing your inventory levels, pricing your products and keeping an eye on costs.

It lists all of your items and summary sales information on each item. You can see which items are selling the most in quantity, which are selling the most in amount and which items are bringing in the most profit per item.

Use the Item Sales report to:

  • Project sales by item for a given period or season based on historical data
  • Make decisions on which products to promote and which ones to retire
  • Make sure you're charging enough for your items

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Viewing the Item Sales report

To view the Item Sales report:

  1. Click the  Reports tab.

  2. Under Sales Reports, click  Item Sales Report.

The report will display automatically.

When you see the report on the screen, you can:

  • Filter the report by date range so you can see the sales for a specific period.
  • Click an item name to view the item record so you can see the full item history, including a list of your sales and purchases of the item.
  • Click a column header to sort the report by Name, Quantity Sold, Amount Sold, Average Selling Price, Average Cost or Gross Margin.
  • Click the print icon to print the report.

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Reading the Item Sales report

The Item Sales report lists all of your items and the sales of the item for the given date range. You can sort the list by clicking the column header to view the information in the order that means the most to you. 

Sales information is presented in the following columns:

Quantity Sold

This column shows you the number of units per item you have sold. Sort by this column to see what items you have sold the most of or the least of.

Amount Sold

This columns shows you the total amount earned for the sale of your items. Sort by this column to see which items brings in the most total sales or the least.

Average Selling Price

This column shows you the average price you sold the item for. Sort by this column to see which items bring in the most per unit.

Average Cost

This column shows you the average price you paid for the item from your vendors. Sort by this column to see which items cost you the most or the least.

Gross Margin

This column shows you how profitable the item is. That is, it tells you what the percentage of profit is you are earning on the item. Sort by this column to see which items are earning you the most profit per sale and which ones are earning you the least.