Customizing your invoice

WP Labs Feature: Many options on the Settings page of the Invoices section are new WorkingPoint Labs features  and requires WP Labs to be turned on to view. To turn on WP Labs, click WP Labs on the main navigation bar, then change the setting to "On" and click Save.

Add your own personal touch to your invoices by customizing your settings and tailor your invoice to your business.

To customize your invoice:

  1. Click Invoices, then Settings.
    On the Settings page, your invoice customization options are located in the General section.

  2. For Payment Terms, choose the payment terms you typically use.

  3. WorkingPoint will automatically calculate the due date on an invoice based on the invoice date and the terms but you can override it.

  4. Enter your standard Terms & Conditions.

  5. Type a standard email message to send to a customer when you email an invoice.

  6. You can personalize the email message for a particular customer at the time you email the invoice.

  7. (Premium feature) Choose whether you want to show or hide the "Powered by WorkingPoint" message on invoices.

  8. Turn on/off Paperless Invoices.
    Paperless invoicing sends a link to view the invoice online instead of a PDF of the invoice when you email your customer their invoice. Paperless invoicing provides online payment options to your customers if you have configured them as well as options to print the invoice or save it to PDF and notes when customers have viewed the invoice in the invoice history in your WorkingPoint account. When your customer views their invoice online, a note will be added to the invoice history.

    If you prefer to attach a PDF of your invoice that the customer can view or print, set this option to Off.

  9. Enter in a Motto/Headline. This will appear at the top of the invoice.

  10. Enter in the heading you want to appear on the invoice in the Invoice Heading field. 

  11. Decide if you want to show or hide the Tax column on invoices. This is handy if you don't charge sales tax ever.

  12. Personalize your invoice by selecting the font you want to use on your invoice.

  13. Choose your date format: MM/DD/YYYY, or Month DD, YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY. 

  14. Click Save Changes.