About Account Activity

Whenever you record money you’ve received or spent, WorkingPoint posts the entries to the associated accounts.  For example, you purchased office supplies using your checking account. The money you spent is moved from your checking account to your office supplies account you use to track expenses for your office supplies.

Each account you have has its own Account Activity List that shows all the money coming in and going out of the account.  Negative amounts show withdrawals, payments, or negative adjustments; positive amounts show deposits or positive adjustments. The list shows the transaction date, a description of the transaction (for example, deposit, check payment, or customer invoice), the transaction amount, and the running balance in the account. 

This is an example of an entry in an account's Activity List.

If the account is a bank or credit card account, you can also view the financial institution account balance if you have connected your WorkingPoint account to your financial institution.