Editing a transaction from the Activity List

To edit a transaction:

  1. Open the account that has the transaction you want to edit.

    • Click the Accounts tab in the main navigation bar to open the Accounts List, then click the name of the account you want to open.


  • From the Find panel on the home page, select an account from the Account list and click Go.

  1. Move the pointer to the left of the transaction you want to edit. You’ll see this:

  1. Click Edit.

  2. Click in the field you want to edit and make the changes. If you can't click in a field, that field is not "active," which means it can't be changed.

  3. When you have finished, click Save Changes.

Note : You can't save changes to a transaction, such as bill or invoice, that would cause the available quantity of an inventory-tracked item to fall below zero.