Moving entries

You can move entries in one account to another account of the same type. For example, you can move expense account entries to other expense accounts; bank account entries to other bank accounts.  Why would I do this?

  • You might have posted a transaction to the wrong account. For example, let's say you posted an expense to your Entertainment expense account, but really it was a Travel expense. Use Move Entries to move the entry from Entertainment to Travel. 

  • Suppose you set up one account to track all your utilities. But after a few months, you decide you want to see more clearly what you are spending. You can create new expense accounts for each of your utilities: Water, Garbage, Electricity, and Telephone. After you create the new expense accounts, select all the water entries and use Move entries to move them from the Utilities expense account to the new Water expense account.  Repeat for the other accounts until your Utilities account is empty. You could also make Utilities the parent account of all your Utilities so in reporting you can decide if you want to see the total for all Utilities or broken down into the subaccounts.

  • You also move entries to another account if you want to delete an account, or if you want to merge two accounts.

To move entries from one account to another:

  1. Open the account that has the entries you want to move.

  2. On the Activity List for the account, check the checkbox for each entry you want to move. (Or, click the checkbox in the header to check all the entries.)

  3. In Move Entries in the sidebar, choose the account to move the entries to.

The Move to… menu only contains the accounts that are of the same type. You must choose an account to activate the Move Entries button.

  1. Click Move Entries.



  • In the message box that appears, click Undo if you do not really want to move the selected entries. WorkingPoint returns the entries to the current account.
  • Click the name of the “moved to” account to view the Activity List for that account.