Record a Loan

 To record a loan for money you deposited into your bank account, you can do the following;

1. Create a new Long-term Liability (if you will repay the loan back in more than 1 year) or an Other Current Liability Account (if you plan on repaying the loan back in less than 1 year and name it so you'll recognize that it is the loan you owe to whomever.
2. Go to your bank account and click Record Transaction > Deposit. Then complete the form with the date you deposited the money, the amount and choose the new loan account in the bookkeeping account.

You'll see your bank account increase by the amount of the loan and you'll see your new liability account increase for the same amount.

When you go and pay on the loan, you will want to use the bank form Payment of Purchase and choose the loan account as the bookkeeping account and enter in the amount you are paying on the principal in the loan line and add a new line to track any interest you are paying on the loan and choose the Interest Expense account for that amount. This way, your loan account always shows the amount of principal you owe and you can track the interest expense you pay, since you can typically write that off on your taxes.