Using the Account Activity List

The Account Activity List shows all the money coming in and going out of an account.  Negative amounts show withdrawals, payments, or negative adjustments; positive amounts show deposits or positive adjustments. The list shows the transaction date, a description of the transaction (for example, deposit, check payment, or customer invoice), the transaction amount, and the running balance in the account.

Example of an entry

The Account Activity List displays high-level details about its entries, including the date of the transaction, a description, the amount of the entry, and the running balance of the account.

This is an example of an entry in an account's Activity List.

The entry description includes the transaction type (which you can click to view its details), the reference number, and contact name associated with the entry.

Use the Activity List to:

  • View an entry's details by clicking a link in the Description column

  • See the balance of the account activity

  • See totals for a specific date range

  • And perform other activities listed below

Add a new transaction

You can add different types of transactions depending on the type of account you are in.

  • In credit card accounts you can record a charge you made with your credit card.

Change the list view

To change the date range, click a date range to show a different time period, or create your own custom range by entering From and To dates and clicking Refresh List. To see all entries from the beginning of your records, leave From blank. To see all entries (including entries dated beyond today's date), leave To blank.


Delete an entry

To delete an entry, point to the left of the entry and click the Trashcan. 

You can't delete an item if it has been used on an invoice or has associated inventory transactions, such as an inventory adjustment, a bill, or an expense.

Edit an entry

To edit an entry, point to the left of the entry and click Edit

Make the changes and click Save Changes.

Move Entries

To move entries:

  1. On the Activity List for the account, check the checkbox for each entry you want to move. (Or, click the checkbox in the header to check all the entries.)

  2. In Move Entries in the sidebar, choose the account to move the entries to.

The Move to… menu only contains the accounts that are of the same type. You must choose an account to activate the Move Entries button.

  1. Click Move Entries.

Sort the list

To sort the list, click the heading you want to sort by:


The Activity List can be sorted by date, type and amount and account name. When you sort by date or by account, the list shows the running balance of all activity. Sorting by account appears only if the current account has subaccounts.

The direction of the orange arrows indicates if the sort is ascending or descending . The arrow pointing up means the entries are sorted in ascending order: (A to Z) for words, lowest to highest order for numbers, and earliest to latest for dates. The arrow pointing down means the entries are sorted in descending order: (Z to A) for words, highest to lowest order for numbers, and latest to earliest for dates.

Click the sort direction arrow to reverse the sort.  

Print the list

To print the activity list, click the printer icon:   

View & update your financial institution account balances*

If you have connected your financial institution accounts to WorkingPoint, you can view and update these balances from your bank or credit card account activity list.

To view your balances, check out the Financial Institution Connection list in the right-hand sidebar (see image below).

To update your balances, click Update.

*These activities require the Premium account plan.