About reports in WorkingPoint

While you’re running your business, WorkingPoint is keeping track of your business records so you can produce professional financial reports and see the how your business is doing at any given time.

With WorkingPoint reporting, you can create standard financial and bookkeeping reports including:

  • Balance Sheet as of a specific date to see your overall business position

  • Income Statement (aka Profit and Loss) for the month, quarter, or year and compare it with other periods so you can:

    • Evaluate how much you are spending on expenses month-to-month

    • Make projections for future earnings

    • Budget for future expenses

  • Cash Flow Statement for a given period so you can see how your cash is being used.

  • Accounts Receivable Aging for current and overdue invoices grouped according to how many days they are past-due, so you can follow up with customers and get paid.

You can also run time-saving tax reports, including:

  • 1099 report to track payments to contacts that are eligible to receive IRS Form 1099.

  • Sales Tax report to review your taxable and non-taxable sales including sales tax collected by city, county and state for reporting collected tax to the state.

  • Estimated Taxes report to estimate your quarterly federal income taxes based on your business activity in WorkingPoint.

  • Schedule C report to view your business activity according to IRS Form Schedule C categories for easy preparation of year-end taxes.

And informative sales reports, including:

  • Sales Pipeline to monitor your quotes and forecast upcoming sales.

  • Top Customers report to identify your best customers and identify those who haven't purchased in a while.

WorkingPoint reports also allow you to perform other activities, including:

  • Customize the report date or date range

  • Print your report as a PDF

  • Export your data to Excel with formulas and formatting intact

  • Expand and collapse activity to get more or less detailed

  • Drill-down into report data to see the transactions that contribute to the totals

*Access to specific reports may depend on your account plan. Log into your WorkingPoint account and click "Account" (in the upper right hand corner), then "Change account plan" to view your plan details.