Establishing your Financial Institution Connections

Connecting to your financial institutions to view account balances and import transactions into your WorkingPoint account is a two-step process. The first step establishes the secure connection between your bank or credit card provider and WorkingPoint.  The second connection  is the link  between the specific accounts (i.e, checking, savings, credit card, etc.) at your financial institution and your WorkingPoint bookkeeping accounts where  you import and track your individual transactions. 

We secure your credentials using bank-level encryption. Once we connect to your bank or credit card provider, we can only read information. We cannot move or transfer money from your accounts. Read More

Before you get started
Be sure to have the sign-in credentials you use to access your bank/credit card account information online via your financial institution's website. If you have not set up online access with your bank/credit card provider, you'll want to do that first and then come back to your WorkingPoint account to make the connection. If you want to connect more than one financial institution, you will need credentials for each bank/credit card provider.

Note:  Only account plan Administrators can set up financial institution connections.

Step 1 - Add a connection to a financial institution:

  1. Go to the  Accounts List and click Manage Your Financial Institutions on the right-hand sidebar, then click Connect a Financial Institution.

  2. Locate and Select your Bank or Credit Card Provider

Select your bank or credit card provider from the list of popular financial institutions provided or type in the name of your bank or credit card provider in the search field and click  Search.

WorkingPoint will display a list of the banks and credit card providers that matched your search or selection. Often, there are several choices for each financial institution; for example, if you select or search for "Wells Fargo," you'll be presented with a list of choices including Wells Faro Bank, Wells Fargo - Small Business, and Wells Fargo Credit Card (among others). 

From the list provided, click the link in the Name column that best matches your financial institution. If you aren't sure which link goes to your bank or credit card provider, click the URL in the Website column and try to login there. If you can login and access your account, then you have likely found your bank or credit card provider's link.

If you are not seeing the financial institution in the list provided, type in a new name in the search field and click  Search again.

Can't find your financial institution? View our Troubleshooting section for suggestions on how to proceed.

3. Sign into the Financial Institution

Using the sign-in credentials you use to access your account information on your financial institution's website, enter in the information required in the fields provided on the Connect to [your bank] page and click  Submit.

Note: Your financial institution may require that you answer additional security questions to confirm that it's really you setting up the connection. Answer the questions just as you would if you were using the financial institution's website. 

If you think you have chosen the wrong financial institution, go back to the previous step and choose another one. 

When you have successfully signed into your financial institution, WorkingPoint will list all of the accounts associated with the sign-in credentials you entered and their current balances on Your Financial Institution Accounts page. From here, you can link the account to your WorkingPoint bookkeeping account (see Step 2 below for details) or you can disconnect (remove) the account form the list. 

Can't sign in? View our Troubleshooting page for suggestions on how to proceed.

Disconnecting an account
If you don't plan to track the transactions from an account of a connected financial institution in WorkingPoint, you can remove the account from the list. This comes in handy when, say, you have both personal and business accounts at a single financial institution and you will never be importing or viewing balances for the personal account in WorkingPoint. 

To remove an account from your Financial Institutions Accounts List:

  1. Locate the account you wish to remove in the list and in the far right-hand column under Linked to, click Disconnect

    The account will be immediately removed from your list. You can add it back later by reconnecting to the financial institution.

Step 2 - Link to your WorkingPoint Bookkeeping Account:

From Your Financial Institutions Accounts List, you can link any listed financial institution account to a bookkeeping account in WorkingPoint. This will allow you to import transactions from your financial institution to your WorkingPoint account with ease. 

To link a financial institution account to a WorkingPoint bookkeeping account:

  1. Click Link in the far-right hand column.
    WorkingPoint will display the financial account summary details including the name of the bank, the account number, the nickname for your account, if applicable, and the current account balance.
  2. From the drop down menu, select the WorkingPoint bookkeeping account you want linked to your financial account. Only accounts of the same type as the financial institution account will be displayed. For example, if you are linking a bank account, only bank accounts will be available in the drop-down menu. Likewise, if you are linking to a credit card account, only credit card accounts will be available in the drop-down menu. 

    Once a WorkingPoint bank or credit card account has been linked to a financial institution, it will no longer appear in the drop down menu. This is because you can only link one WorkingPoint bank or credit card account to one financial institution account.

  3. Click Link Bookkeeping Account.

    When you have successfully linked an account, you will see the Success! message and be redirected to the Financial Institution Account page. This page is where you manage the connection for this account. Here you can view the bank details including bank balance, download and import transactions, and disconnect your account.

    To link more financial institution accounts, go back to the Mange Your Financial Institutions page and click View on another account. 

*Access to this feature may depend on your account plan. Log into your WorkingPoint account and click "Account" (in the upper right hand corner), then "Change account plan" to view your plan details.